林翠西 LIN CUIXI (/tzway + shi/), a theatre maker, performer and a former computer programmer. She co-founded the group _ao_ao_ing ensemble (老妖精), a Shanghai-based independent performance collective, in 2018 and has been working and producing performances with this group since.

With a special interest in gender narratives and human-technology relationship, she makes contemporary theatre performances through cross-disciplinary and collaborative process. Her recent works include ‘Annata’, ‘cybercafe’ and ‘SOUP’ (McaM Shanghai/Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, 2018). Currently, she is working on a project on commercialised human emotions in digital age.


Her former training came from a mix of physical theatre traditions, including viewpoints method, Laban, commedia dell’arta, Odin Teatret, Gecko Physical Theatre, Tanztheater and recently, Javanese traditional mask dance (Tari Topeng). She received her acting and directing training at UCLA, East 15 Acting School (London) and any corners of this world that dances and moves.

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